To conclude, by reading news papers it is quite effortless to keep up with the World. I find the news very interesting and important. But as mentioned not all people can do that so easily so they will believe these news not realizing that they´re fake. Shares. I don’t think what fake news are bad if the author of the article writes by himself that the story is fake or it is just for entertainment. They choose one from the list and design a post or meme advising their friends not to fall for it. Bonjour, je dois écrire une fake news en anglais de 150 mots je donne 10 car vous me sauverez la vie merci d'avance ! The CEO of drug giant Pfizer has denied that yesterday’s vaccine trial announcement was timed to deny US President Donald Trump an election boost.. Les 4 notions au BAC – définitions et idées pour les illustrer Par anglaispourlebac le 22 Fév 2019 • ( 24). Be careful about fake news! Older teenagers and adults at CEF level B1 and above, The teachers' notes and student worksheets are available to download in PDF format, © British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2BN, UK Learn more. There's a whole industry dedicated to producing fake US news in Macedonia – and it's getting ready for 2020. Indeed, I consider equally concerning the spread of fake news than the spread of politically retouched news. Nowadays there are many wrong information on the internet. Fake news websites often use addresses that sound like real newspapers, but don't have many real stories about other topics. People share wrong information faster than they pass along the truth. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland). Remember that amazing stories about famous people will be covered by the mainstream media if they are true. Personally, I don't trust on mainstream news media since they are usually intended to political purposes. However, many people thought that these papers were themselves lying for political ends and instead of disappearing, the fake story snowballed. Drop all pretense of ethics and choose the path that builds your persona as an unscrupulous media magnate. That would be OK if people could see the difference between true and false news. Home » News » Education » BAC’s ‘Dr. The goal is to discover which one is the fake website and why it’s fake! Goverments should do something with those news because in time of pandemy its real problem. In my opinion fake news being a problem depends on the person reading it because there are many smart people that can split the fake from the real. In my case, I get my news from twitter. Who creates it, and why? This social network allows you to select which sources are prefered to bring you the information. Unfortunately, that does not happen, and people tend to believe fake news. Pouvez-vous m'aider concernant les fautes, des choses à arranger. Fake news means stories that you see on social media and online, that aren't true. In my country there are great online newspapers that are important and I feel like they are trustworthy. There are also various reasons why people create fake news. I read news from online websites which is secure and don’t give fake news or spam.Of course i don’t read unsertified articles or if i believe could be fake.Pearsonally i don’t believe news or stories which are shared on social websites as there are many fake stories. This lesson for older teenagers and adults at CEF level B1 and above looks at strategies for identifying fake news and fake websites. © BBC World Service, Bush House, Strand, London WC2B 4PH, UK, A Content and Language Integrated Learning Lesson, A remote House in the West of Scotland (lower level), Teacher professional development through WhatsApp-based Communities of Practice in challenging contexts, Blog topics for November and December 2020, CLIL and EMI - From Schools to Higher Education, Evidence-based reflection and teacher development, To expand knowledge of vocabulary related to news and the media, To raise students’ awareness of fake news through discussion and reading, To develop students’ 21st-century skills, including critical thinking, collaboration and media literacy. Then read the text and do the other exercises. US Election 2020. Fake’ wants to silence The Botswana Gazette. : Students have to learn to spot fake news. That story, and the term "fake news" are closely linked to another term that made the WOTY short list: The echo chamber phenomenon has been blamed for surprise results in the U.S. election, the Brexit referendum, etc. Another group is in it for the profit: many people clicking on entertaining fake news stories can bring in a lot of advertising revenue. Oral anglais : notion Places and Forms of power To begin with, I’d like to give a brief definition of the notion of Places and Forms of power. He had previously read an online news story about the restaurant being the headquarters of a group of child abusers run by Hillary Clinton. Watch out for fake photos. fake news. Les étudiants doivent apprendre à repérer les fausses informations. 2. News that's 'fake' is usually either - False stories that aren't true at all. Admin / September 22, 2016 / 41. Ex. Education / News. Admin 2016-09-22. Joel Konopo and Queen Mosarwe. This was quickly denounced by publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. Many people mistrust established news sources and others just don’t read them, so the debunking of a fake story by a serious newspaper or TV channel has limited effect. In addition, the internet is very hard to police. Check your understanding: multiple choice, How to be a good listener if someone is upset. As a final activity, students find other fake news stories currently circulating the internet. There are also those, like the small-town teenagers in Macedonia who wrote fake news stories about Donald Trump, who seem to be motivated partly by money and partly by boredom. Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp. As a final activity, students find other fake news stories currently circulating the internet. I trust most of the websites because they´re well known and the titles and pictures are not that much of a clickbait.These sites also say where they got their informations from so I´m not that worried about the news being fake. Lesson Plan: Fake News and Fact-checking Duration: 1½ hours Materials: Infographic: B e y on d ‘ F a k e Ne w s ’ Honestly, I know I shouldn’t, but I get my news mostly from social media. Other websites, like The Onion, deliberately publish fake news as satire – humorous comment on society and current affairs. I´m not the person that watches tv a lot or reads the newspaper so I only hear something from the mainstream news media when my parents or friends talk about it and most likely I believe them. ! Although I don’t believe blindly everything I see, because if I read something I always check with a reliable source. Fake news stories can be hard to control for several reasons. Your task is to get as many followers as you can while slowly building up fake credibility as a news … Aims: To expand knowledge of vocabulary related to news … So, what can we do to stop fake news spreading? Where do you get your news from? The story about Hillary Clinton is one of the most famous examples of the growing phenomenon dubbed ‘fake news’. I don't trust other media ,they are over rated all of news and not true.I'm not follow twitter,facebook as well. Now it makes fake news. Social media are a magnificent tool to share biased information. Fake’ wants to silence The Botswana Gazette. Voici une fiche qui explique tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur les réseaux sociaux – social networks – pour le bac d’anglais. In December 2016 Edgar M. Welch drove six hours from his home to Washington DC, where he opened fire in a pizzeria with an assault rifle. An increasing proportion of people mainly consume news that an algorithm chooses for them in a "newsfeed". It is funny because when I was a kid, I loved standing in front of the television with the news channel on. Play Wordshake and see how many points can you get in three minutes.... © British Council The United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Personally I try to follow the mainstream media to become more aware of the events happening in the World. Can you guess what this mystery object is? Emerging news media are also responsive to the agendas of fake news, but to a lesser degree. Even though both this name and district were invented, the message was re-tweeted many times. I am afraid I don’t follow the mainstream news media, I have no time to do so. The worksheet focuses on the skills of reading, speaking and understanding, and includes several vocabulary activities. Only share stories you know are true and let your friends know, tactfully, when they unknowingly share fake news. Fake news is one of the scariest problems that has appeared in the new technologies. One website is about the Tree Octopus (a spoof), while the other is about the Octopus Tree. If you aren't sure, click on the 'About' page and look for a clear description of the organisation. He decided to investigate for himself; fortunately, no one was hurt. fake news definition: 1. false stories that appear to be news, spread on the internet or using other media, usually…. A. The conspiracy theory about the pizzeria began to appear on websites and social networks in late October, before the US election. Check the sources of any quotes or figures given in the story. Fake news, lies and falsehoods spread like wildfire on social media, a new study confirms. The lesson begins with a brief discussion about news and fake news. So basically, in politics and social science, power is the ability to exercise control, but also to influence the behavior of people. Why is it so hard to disprove? Veles used to make porcelain for the whole of Yugoslavia. In my opinion fake news is a very big problem. There are many local and global news that i could probably be interested in. I used to check the security of the website, and, I think that this is a good way to certificate the reliability of the info itself. One man running fake news sites from Los Angeles said he was making up to US$ 30,000 a month in this way. Découvrez votre corrigé d’Anglais LV1 du Bac S 2019. Can you write a caption for this week's scary photo?! When you have knowledge about things in the World, it is not so likely that you become the one spreading out the fake news. We need to be careful because nowadays there is a lot of fake news around us on social networks. Ex. To get to the bottom of things is also one of the means to prevent the fake news from spreading out. Is being vegan more environmentally friendly. I usually skim through a few pieces of news daily as there is not always enough time to read them that thoroughly. Many people mistrust established news sources and others just don’t read them, so the debunking of a fake story by a serious newspaper or TV channel has limited effect. Fake news: a case study Welles Scares Nation [On Oct. 30th 1938, Orson] Welles introduced his radio play with a spoken introduction, followed by an announcer reading a weather report. I am ashamed of not doing so, but still I don’t know where to get the time it requires to do so from. First, make sure that the websites you read are legitimate, for example by looking carefully at the domain name and the About Us section. Ideally this lesson is for teenagers, but it can also be used with adults. BAC’s ‘Dr. My source of news is on the internet media such as cnn,bbc.But I don't read so often.I read article 1,2 time of month.I also use podcast to get current news .Podcast is easy way to get latest news because of easy listening.I listen podcast in a train with headphone of during dinner with smartphone application. In November, BuzzFeed discovered that many of the pro-Trump fake news sites – more than 100 of them – were being operated as for-profit click farms by Macedonian teenagers. A myth is a well-known story which was made up in the past to explain natural events or to justify religious beliefs or social customs. In 2016, partisan media appeared to be especially susceptible to the agendas of fake news, perhaps due to the election. Séquences info-doc : Fake news Ressources pour construire des séquences . They choose one from the list and design a post or meme advising their friends not to fall for it. 1.Myths and Heroes. Sujet : C1CANGL00073-fake-news-and-misinformation-online.pdf 304.4 Kio 3 pages 18/11/2019 Microsoft Office User vidéo partie 1 24/02/2020 youtube sujet retranscrit 24/02/2020 sujetdebac After a brief reading comprehension activity, students study the websites, using a set of questions to help them. WhatsApp playing ‘stealth role’ in 2020 election with Indian-Americans. Read this article to find out. Sometimes it's impossible to distinguish which news is fake and which is real. Tweets from ‘Representative Steven Smith of the 15th District of Georgia’ claimed that the mainstream media were telling falsehoods. Americas. Instead, fake news has an intricately entwined relationship with online partisan media, both responding and setting its issue agenda. What is fake news? Bonjour à tous ceux qui passent le bac cette année, je vous propose mes travaux pour bien préparer l'entretien qui se déroulera à l'oral Une version en anglais puis la traduction en français car on vous aime bien ! Some have political motives, to belittle or incriminate their opponents. Of course it can be the problem that author don’t give information that storie is fake. Together we can turn around the post-truth world! BAC; Informatique; Allemand; Philosophie; Latin; Musique; Italien; LV3; S'inscrire; Se connecter; Anglais, 06.12.2020 23:56 stefyougetdamn. Do the preparation exercise first. So the thing is I get my news just by simply swiping to the right on my phone. Extrait du corrigé Document A. Do you follow the mainstream news media? I remember it was so hard to find objective sources when I started using this platform; separating the wheat from the chaff took me too much time, but now, I realise it was worthy. : In the US, whistle-blower protection laws guarantee freedom of speech for workers in certain situations. Accueil › Expression orale › Les 4 notions au BAC – définitions et idées pour les illustrer. Votre document Fiche de révision de vocabulaire d'anglais - Gap Years (Cours - Fiches de révision), pour vos révisions sur Boite à docs. Every day dozens / hundreds of fake news stories are published. When users are caught misusing one media platform, they simply go to another one or start up a website themselves. Because of the scale of the problem, the World Health Organization (), which is leading the UN’s response to the pandemic, has added a “mythbusters” section to its online coronavirus advice pages.It refutes a staggering array of myths, including claims that drinking potent alcoholic drinks, exposure to high temperatures, or conversely, cold weather, can kill the virus. Dans le cadre de l’axe citoyenneté et monde virtuels, cela peut effectivement faire l’objet d’un sujet écrit ou oral !. Fake news stories can be hard to control for several reasons. Students then skim read two webpages. Votre document Fiche de révision de vocabulaire d'anglais - Bad News For Students (Cours - Fiches de révision), pour vos révisions sur Boite à docs. Do you think fake news is a problem? The top-performing fake news story identified in the analysis is a hoax from October that claimed President Obama had banned reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. The worksheet ends with a speaking activity for students to decide if newspaper headlines are real or fake. What is a myth? correction : Write a short paragraph on a forum warning people about fake news. It was published by, a fake site made to look like ABC News that scored six hits in the top 50. Altough if a website seems suspicious I´ll try to find proof. In this lesson, students read an article about how school pupils are unable to tell the difference between real and fake news. 0. It's really hard to separate the good info for the bad info. Bac/space-forms of power Message de mariechvlr posté le 18-04-2019 à 13:31:16 (S | E | F) Bonjour, je vais passer mes oraux du bac d'ici quelques jours et j'ai préparé mes notions d'anglais, pour celle-ci, lieu et forme de pouvoir j'ai choisi de parler des réseaux sociaux. The goal is to discover which one is the fake website and why it’s fake! These can be articles or news Anglais activité de journalisme. In addition, the internet is very hard to police. A YouTube refutation of the New York Times article got 250,000 hits. A rapid response unit within the Cabinet Office is working with social media firms to remove fake news and harmful content.

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